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What are the essential features of while Buying Cheap VPS Server in India?

India is one of the biggest booming markets when it comes to web hosting. An online counterpart for all businesses is essential. That is why considering the web hosting services options carefully can be crucial to the performance of the business. It is easy to find cheapest VPS hosting in India. There are many variables when it comes to web hosting, and each of these contributing factors can affect the performance of the website, and as a result, the business, in various ways. Starting from whether the web hosting service is on a shared server or a dedicated (dediziert) server, to the allocated memory space, the allocated bandwidth, the operating system on which the server and the website is running all become very crucial in deciding what to go for.

Generally, an online search will result in hundreds of web hosting services available in India. On browsing through the options, it might become a little confusing to keep track of all the variables at play. The first thing to check for, hence, is affordability. A closer look will reveal that the same web hosting service provider might be providing various plans, each of which have variety memory space, different bandwidth etc. and each of them is available at different costs. Deciding on which one will be the most suitable for a business or website is important. Some of thing that needs to be considered are the traffic that can be expected on an average for the site, the kind of software that the website will be using etc.

A dedicated server is available 24×7 for only one website and all the other related resources are also dedicated to the same website. On the contrary, a shared server is hosting multiple websites from multiple businesses, which basically divides the available resources affecting the performance of the website. If the website in question is a big one, with many linked pages, many applets and applications running on it, and the number of visitors expected on an average is also high, then a dedicated server is a better option. On the other hand, if it is a small website, which is expecting very low traffic and is pretty lightweight, then a shared server will serve the purpose. Obviously, a dedicated server is going to cost considerably more than a shared server, but the efficiency is directly proportional to the amount payable. Depending on the requirements, one of these two needs to be chosen.

The next thing in the list is memory. This memory is not the disk space, but the random access memory. In laymen terms, the more random access memory is available, the smoother the website will run. If there are many big applications that will be embedded in the website, then with less memory, the applications might not load properly as well. It is always better to have a little extra random access memory, just to have some swap space in case of urgent situations. However, if the memory capacity of the server is increased, obviously the price that is required to be paid pay against it will also increase. An inexpensive and efficient alternative is to look for cheap VPS in India. A thorough discussion with the other team members before deciding on the memory you will be requiring is absolutely essential.

There are many different kinds of websites. The lightweight websites, the ones which have a very simple design and have very few apps running in the background then the amount of disk space should be very low. However, if the site expects increasing traffic, and data about the people who log in to the website is required to be maintained, then the data that needs to be stored on the server is going to increase on time. So it would be better to start off with higher disk space in the beginning only. Also, the number of applications and the actual size of the website are also key factors on deciding the disk space one might need.

The most important factor, while running a website, is the bandwidth. The bandwidth is basically the amount of traffic that can be properly handled by the server. The biggest disadvantage on shared servers is the shared bandwidth. Even if the calculated bandwidth at the time of launching the website is low, it is always wiser to have twice the bandwidth allocated to the website. With time as the popularity of the website increases, a higher average traffic can be expected. To handle increased traffic, it is better to have a little extra bandwidth.

Depending on which operating system the server is operating on, the applications that can be run on the server changes. The three options are Windows, any UNIX based operating system or Mac is. If it is an already designed and developed website that is just waiting for a launch, then there is a good chance that the applications embedded might be supported by only one of the available operating systems. So it is essential to check for the available operating systems that will be supported on the server before starting to work on it.

Another important factor is the tenure of subscription of the services. Whether the website is going to be online for a few years or whether it is going to be made available permanently should be decided before buying the web hosting services. This is a key factor, and often people neglect it while looking for VPS server hosting in India. In the long term, it might end up to be an unfruitful long term investment if not thought about at the right time.

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What can be expected from a good web hosting service provider?

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First thing that can be expected from a good web hosting service provider is proper guidance. After listening to the requirements of the website, a proper package should be advised, and the best available price should be offered. Also, the option for updating should be available. One way of choosing a good web hosting service provider is to go online and search for such service providers in the vicinity.

Going through the lists of top 10 or top 5 service providers that are published periodically should be checked for better references. Once the initial contact has been established, all the necessary details should be discussed in details and only then should a person or business move in for subscription. The service provider should be able to provide any suitable combinations of all the factors mentioned above correctly. The final thing to check for is the price, and it is better to compare the prices offered by different service providers for the same combination. Go for the best and cheap web hosting services.